Why is Math Important?

Most people think mathematics problems have no use in the real world, but this is far from the truth. Mathematics is very important in our lives and we may not realize it but we are using mathematical concepts every day.


If we only have a good understanding of the laws of mathematics, then we can have a different view on dealing with some of our greatest problems in life.

The following are some of the reasons why math is labeled as a very powerful and practical tool:

1. Math stimulates our brains.

Dr. Tanya Evans of Stanford University conducted research and stipulated that compared to children who poorly perform in math, those who learn math have a better gray matter volume and are able to engage consistently in certain brain regions. It is perceived that several cognitive activities that involve visual or photographic attention and the decision-making abilities of smart children are associated with the brain regions where high math skills are contained. Though the connection does not indicate the action or the relationship, this analysis shows that the brain region that is responsible for helping you with math are engaged in visual or photographic attention and the decision making abilities.

2. You are able to tell time with math’s help.

White Rabbit in the movie Alice in Wonderland said: “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.” This phrase, though not obvious, shows ignorance of math. A recent study shows that in Oklahoma City there are 4 out of 5 children who cannot read the time in an analog clock. Understanding math, Fractions, in particular, will be able to help you tell time. Time will come that analog clocks may become obsolete but this does not mean that our capability in reading time will become outdated as well. Apply your learnings infraction for you to be able to read the time on clocks that have an hour, minute, and occasionally second hands.


3. Math helps in having a better understanding of your finances.

Math is a big help in terms of budgeting. It is useful in balancing your budget since you will have good awareness and grasp on making sure that the money that you have is enough or less than the costs. For example, a mathematical skill is a very important requirement in balancing bank accounts so as to subtract balances. It is, therefore, safe to assume that people who have knowledge in math are less likely to be into debt since they will know how much to spend or briefly know how to balance their finances.

4. You will be a better cook or a better baker with the help of math.

With the help of math, you will know that eight tablespoons of flour are exactly the same as a half-cup of flour. This skill comes in handy in times when you find that you don’t have your half-cup measure. Similarly, you can immediately figure out how much you will need to add in a recipe good for 4 people in order to serve 8 people. When you don’t know math, it’s either you may have too much food to feed your guests or you may not have enough food on the table to serve.


5. With the help of math, our problem-solving skills improve.

It is through math that our reasoning ability is improved and it helps us quickly and effectively solve problems. Our ability to critically think about the world around us is our Analytical thinking while our ability to logically think about a certain situation is our reasoning. Analytical and reasoning abilities are very important since these skills help us resolve issues and concerns and look for answers and solutions. It may be impossible to think that answering the above train problem can help you solve a certain problem in your life however there are skills that can significantly be applied in another problem in life like the ability you used in grasping the problem, recognizing the knowns and unknowns and finding ways to solve the problem.

6. In some way, math is practically used in every career.

Scientists and mathematicians obviously rely on the principles of mathematics to do the very basic aspect of their job, test hypotheses for instance. Math is even involved in famous scientific careers but this career is not the only career where math is involved. It is even a requirement for a cashier that operates a cash register to understand basic arithmetic. Mental arithmetic as well as a requirement for a person who works in a factory to keep track of the assembly line parts. In some cases, in order to build their products, it is also a must for a person who works in a factory to utilize geometric properties in manipulating fabrication software, for instance, the measurement aspect of a part.


7. Math helps us get a better understanding of the world around us.

It is like your eyes are closed while exploring an art museum when you do not know math and you are in a mathematically-driven world. You will understand the value of the things that you would not then notice around the world through learning and appreciating math. Math is everywhere. You may browse on for some examples of the nature of math.

Honeycombs are built with the concept of hexagons, the main reason why Bees are called the masters of geometry. In mathematics, a famous sequence of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence can be found in every part of nature be it in trees, leaves, flowers, seashells, pinecones. It can also be observed that the number pi is all around us. Pi has many unique properties and is a cool number. Approximately the value of Pi is 3.14, but the real value of it is more than 3.14 since the numbers after the decimal point is an infinite string. In reality, Pi is an infinitely long number. Pi cannot be expressed by a fraction and it is said that numbers which cannot be expressed as a fraction is said to be irrational numbers. Therefore, Pi is an irrational number and is expressed by the Greek letter Pi (π). It is also defined that all transcendental numbers are also irrational numbers; therefore, Pi is also a transcendental number. Since Pi is a transcendental number, it means that it is non-algebraic. This also means that a single-variable polynomial equation whose coefficients are all integers cannot be solved by Pi.

Pi can also be found in the figures and outlines of the rivers. The meandering ratio is the river’s length ratio to the source distance to its mouth. The river’s typical meandering ratio is very close to the number pi. It is right to claim that the typical meandering ratio of a river is very close to the number pi since rivers tend to curve into a circle which is very practical since rivers are circular in nature. Pi is also equal to the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of the circle.

Since you now have more information regarding pi and on how mathematics dominates nature, it is time that you understand that you have greater authority or control over the laws of mathematics of the universe. Learning the principles of mathematics can be very empowering since it helps to see the real sense of the world where usually doesn’t make a lot of sense.


You can be more popular with the help of math. You may disagree with the statement but you have to think deeply about it. Isn’t it great to have to go to dinner with a friend where he can instantly divide the check or split the bill by using only his mind and determine how much each person would pay in silence? Your skill infractions may also come in handy in times that you have to divide a pizza among a few people. Though math is always associated with the nerds, your skill in silently dividing a dinner bill or dividing a pizza and avoiding silence and awkward confusion in computing things is truly a remarkable skill. Doing instant mental math is always and will always be cool. If you have this skill, then you are cool.

With math, you can shop quickly especially in times when there is a good sale. Having a quick mental arithmetic skill will make you famous. You will be known as a smart person and everyone will love and adore you. When the waiter handed to your table the check, your mental arithmetic skills will be much appreciated. When shopping, your skill in quickly calculating the percentage can save a lot of time especially when having a mall sale. For example, calculating a discounted price quickly or when at the store and you are paying for a shirt that you brought, you can quickly calculate if you are charged correctly. Developing skills in mental arithmetic is not difficult at all. It also does not need a Ph. D. in mathematics, in the long run, they can be a big help in these areas and other areas as well.

Here is a tip when shopping. The key is, while sale-shopping, use the 10 rule. Let us refresh your math skills if you want to be a better bargain-hunter when shopping. Always remember the 10 rule in sale-shopping. The rule is from a price you subtract 10 by moving the decimal place by one digit to the left. For instance, the 25.00-dollar shirt is on sale for an additional 20 off. Using the 10 rule, move the decimal point by one digit to the left to calculate 10 off – $2.50. Since the item is discounted for an additional of 20 off, and 20 off is 2 x 10 off, to get the discounted amount, you multiply $2.50 x 2 making the discount to $5.00. To get the total amount to be paid, you subtract the discount amount from the original cost, therefore, $25.00 – $5.00 = $20.00.

Skills in math can be really helpful

It is said that math is a universal language. Generally, math is composed of numbers, some Greek letters, and equations, but all over the world, we have the same understanding of how to interpret or translate math. An interpretation or translation to another language is not necessary for a math equation to be understood by anybody anywhere in the world. It is also right to say that the mathematical law does not need to be changed in order for someone with a different religion or with a different language to understand. All over the world, anywhere on the planet Earth, 2 + 2 is always and will always be equal to 4. Since math is universal, it is considered as a powerful tool and an essential life skill.

To summarize, not only that math is important for us to be successful in life, but it is also evident that the law of mathematics is all around us including even in nature. Completing our mathematics homework which we attained because of our problem-solving skills can be a big help for us to face problems in other aspects in the future. For many others, math is complicated, boring and tiresome but the truth is that life without understanding math means that we are experiencing the world without realizing the exciting and interesting areas of it.

Examples of Math Problems


Q1. If Jenny has six apples in her basket and she decided to give away four of those apples, how many apples does she have left in her basket? 

Q2. You and your friend are going on an adventure. To make it extra exciting, you both decided to get into two separate trains to compete and whoever gets into the destination first, wins! However, both the trains are traveling nonstop to Kansas City. Your train leaves from Boston (1450 miles away) at 50 miles per hour while your friend’s train leaves from San Francisco (1850 miles away) at 40 miles per hour. Both trains leave their origins at the exact time early in the morning so if you really think about it, everything seems fair. Or is it? The questions are: Which train will arrive first? What will be the time difference between the two trains’ arrival to you and your friend’s final destination, Kansas City?

Q3. What is a circle’s radius when it has a circumference of 2π?


A1. Number of apples = 2

A2. To come up with the time it will take for the journey, simply divide the traveled distance for each train by its speed. Supposedly the trains travel a consistent velocity and are making no stops, in (1450/50) 29 hours The Boston train will reach Kansas City and within (1850/40) = 46.25 hours San Francisco train will arrive. To determine the time difference, you only have to subtract 46.25 from 29 = 17.25. Hence, the train that will arrive first is the Boston train and after 17.25hours San Francisco Train will arrive.

A3. The diameter of the circle multiplied to pi is equivalent to the circumference of a circle. Hence, the diameter is equal to the circumference (2n) divided by n. The half of the diameter is a radius, therefore, in this case, 2 divided by 2 is equal to 1. Thus, a circle with a circumference of 2n, its radius is equivalent to 1.