Best Pi Day Deals

Are you still struggling to love Math? You’ll most likely have a change of heart once you learn about these freebies and discounts offered by many restaurants, stores, pizza joints, bakeries and other places on Pi Day!

March 14, also known as Pi Day is one of the best days in the whole wide world! This specific day was chosen because of the eponymous mathematical formula that begins with 3.14. If you read Pi Day out loud it becomes “Pie Day” which only means that there is going to be an abundance of deals and promotions centered around pizzas, pies, and baked goods during this day!

Pi (Greek letter ‘π’) is the symbol that mathematicians use to represent a constant which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and is approximately 3.14159. You can learn more about the meaning and origin of Pi in our previous article, here.

Now, without further ado, we are giving you some of our favorite Pi Day deals to make the celebration not only fun for you and your Math enthusiast friends but to fill your tummy with some delicious food too!

1. Blaze Pizza

If you’re already a loyal customer of Blaze Pizza, the Pi Day deal they offer will surely make you love them even more. The pizza chain, as posted on their twitter account, takes pride in their fresh dough, artisanal ingredients, inventive to classic, customized, and fast-fired perfection pizzas. If you don’t want to miss having a slice of this delicious goodness, download the Blaze Pizza app before March 14. They will send you a special Pi Day reward directly to your account so make sure you do it days before you begin the Pi Day party. The chain is offering any regular-size pizza for $3.14 all day long and once you download their app, create an account, and access the deal in the rewards section, you’re already off to a good Pi day start! Just a quick note: they only allow one order per customer and at participating locations only.

2. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

This upscale restaurant always has some good stuff going for all their customers! On March 14, you can get a mini one-topping pizza for only $3.14. They do deep-dish and flatbread-style pizzas, obviously, these two are everyone’s favorite. The only thing you need to do is to dine in on March 14 in order to get the deal. Aside from the Pi Day deal, they also offer discounts, VIP treatment for customers who download their app, give people a chance to earn points on every dollar they spend and discounted movie tickets for purchase at select restaurants. I don’t know about you but this place sounded like a piece of heaven on earth!

3. Grand Traverse Pie Company

Next in our list is the Grand Traverse Pie Company famous for its pizza ingredients that are locally made and produced! Their apples, blueberries, cherries, sugar, and flour all came from Michigan’s agricultural bounty. They offer a free slice of Michigan ABC Crumb Pie if you make any purchase on the 14th of March. The deal is offered all day long! As if you what we mentioned aren’t enough to convince you that they’re the real deal, this company also ships coast to coast so wherever you are in the country, you can enjoy a personalized Pi Day pie! Just visit their online store for details and when you can place your orders.

4. Lauretta Jean’s Pie

If you want your friends and family to join the Pie Day fun, Lauretta Jean’s Pie Bakery has got you covered. Get three slices of pie for only $14 and a $5 old fashioned cocktails on the 14th of March! You do have to visit their website and inquire about their Pi Day offering every year to make sure you won’t miss the deal!

5. The Pie Hole

Pi Day is celebrated by Pie Hole in a few ways. You can get a mini key lime pie or four pie holes for the standard Pi Day price of $3.14. You’ll probably feel thirsty after eating their delicious pie so make sure you order their Einstein Lemonade, a special drink available on Pi Day, as well! To scoop up some of their tasty Pi Day pie offers, check out their website and see if there’s a location near you.

6. Boston Market

A few days before March 14, you should be able to print out the Pi Day coupon available at the Boston Market website to avail their special buy-one-get-one deal on chicken pot pies! All you have to do is show the coupon to the Boston Market location near you and you’ll be able to enjoy a free rotisserie chicken pot pie with the purchase of another pot pie and drink! As easy as that! Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure there’s a Boston Market near you because they have more than 450 restaurants in the United States. Cool, right?

7. Hungry Howies Pizza

When you purchase any full-price Howie Bread of their regular menu at participating locations on March 14, you can add a medium single-topping pizza for $3.14. Their website will announce when the pizza deal starts so make sure you stay tuned to their announcements. The offer is only available on carryout orders but this could change so just be updated with their deals before the month of March arrives.

8. Whole Foods

Do you have a local Whole Foods store around your area? We hope you do! In honor of Pi Day, Whole Foods offer $3.14 off select pies in various varieties depending on which region you’re located. You should probably visit their website as early as now and look for the nearest Whole Foods store in your area.

9. Kroger

If you want to celebrate Pi Day without ruining your diet, you will definitely love Kroger’s offering! You can have fruit-based, sweet potato, pumpkin, and no-sugar-added pies for only $3.14. That’s 30 percent off their regular retail price! You don’t just get to celebrate Pi Day and stay healthy, you can also save some money! Stop by a Kroger grocery store near you on March 14 to take advantage of this amazing deal.

10. California Pizza Kitchen

The last Pi Day deal on our list is the $3.14 per slice key lime pie offered by the California Pizza Kitchen. This offer is only valid at participating locations. Unfortunately, CPKs in Guam, airports, stadiums, The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno or the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas and international locations do not offer this deal. We hope you were among the lucky ones who got CPK in their area!

If you can’t find any Pi Day deals near you, you can still get in on the Pi Day fun without spending a dime! There are tons of Pi Day activities you can do to make Pi Day an unforgettable celebration. Don’t worry, we already have them prepared for you. You can read about Pi Day fun activities here. Enjoy!