28 Pi Day Celebrations For Teachers and Students

We all can agree to this – March 14 is the day for all the Math nerds or wannabes. Their irrational love of pi is celebrated during this day and even if you’re one of those who struggle to love Math, it’s not hard to celebrate this day too.


If you’ve seen that funny looking Greek letter π, that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, then you know what we’re talking about. Pi allows you to divide the distance around a large or small circle by the distance across and get the same cool number. Mind-blowing, right? Let’s take a moment to absorb that.

Pi is never constant, practical, and universally applicable with an abbreviation of 22/7 or 3.14. To determine area, surface area and volume for objects that are circular, cylindrical, cone-shaped or pyramid in today’s variety of fields. Disciplines that use it include astronomy, architecture, engineering and navigation, and others.

Let us help get your Pi Day celebration to turn into a day with loads of fun with these 28 Pi Day ideas that we compiled. Enjoy!

1. Contest in Pie Baking

Get into the Pi Day fun by letting your students bake pies shaped like the Pi symbol. Sounds a little challenging right? You can even pair this with a Pi eating competition to make it even more fun!

2. Contest in Pi Recitation

Very few students like class’ recitation and Math but if you turn it into a competition, they may focus more on winning than focusing on their fear. Do a Pi recitation contest in your class and whoever has the most digits will take a pie deliciously baked by you or the class!

3. Eat Pi Related Foods

Eating foods that start with Pi such as Pizzas and Pineapples is a great way to get the Pi Day celebration off the ground! Tell your students to prepare boxes of pizza in their classroom with various flavors to eat and share with each other, and partner it with a cold pineapple juice!


4. Your Geekness is Key

Most young students love accessories and anything that has to do with clothes. So why don’t you start your Pi Day celebration by asking your students and all school personnel to wear Pi related shirts or accessories? You can get creative by putting colorful printed numbers or Pi shaped stuff on it.

5. Pi Day Paper Chain

This is one of the best things to do during Pi Day! You can ask all the kids to form a circle and each of them should create a Pi Day chain. It’s done by using multiple loops of construction paper and they must use different colors for each of the 10 digits. The representation of these chain links is a digit or a decimal place.

6. Divide The Fun

If you have a bit of extra cash, there’s no harm in treating your class for a pizza lunch. While you’re at it, challenge the students to measure the circumference and diameter of the pizzas before they start eating them! Such a great way to make the class fall in love with you and Pi at the same time!


7. Put Up Some Pi-coration

This is a great way to develop students’ creativity and cooperation as a class! They can create a stunning hallway collage and whoever makes the best one wins! All of you have to do is give each student a quarter, decorate it, and then put them all together. The pies should be aesthetically pleasing in order to get a spot to the top 5 winners!

8. Conduct a Fundraiser

Who said celebrating Pi Day is nonsense? You can actually start a Pi Day fundraiser on March 14, which is a great opportunity to help a local charity! That’s something you don’t get to see in schools every day. You can ask the students to sell pizza or pie to students, faculty members, and staff. This way, you aren’t just solidifying their math skills, and strengthening their multiplication tables, you’re also teaching them to be compassionate to those who are in need! Pretty awesome right?

9. Tell the Story of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi


Kids love stories! So why don’t you grab this chance to tell the story of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi? Reading it aloud is the perfect activity for Pi Day.

10. Arrange a Pi Symphony

Kids love music as much as they love stories and competitions! Together, the class can transform Pi into a song or a melody and each of them can use hums, beats of drums, claps, triangle, or other musical instruments.

11. Pi Day Cards of Appreciation

If you’re into cards, sending some sweet cards with a touch of witty Pi puns to your friends and family can be a unique and special way of celebrating Pi Day.

12. Pi Word Challenge

Food is life – yes – but so is knowledge. So tell your students to put the fork down and pick up that pen instead. Ask them to write as many words that start with Pi as possible and whoever gets to write more, wins! The prize? Of course, it’s none other than a delicious slice of pie.


13. The Pi CosPlay Challenge

Tell your students to put their creativity and imagination to work by wearing Pi related costumes! The student with the most innovative, unique, and funny costume wins!

14. Pi Day Scavenger Hunt

You read it right! You can challenge your students to do a scavenger hunt too, not just during Easter. Start by creating small groups from your class and let them do a scavenger hunt just around the school. For the clues, use pi related figures. Let them find things like three pieces of chalk and a piece of paper or four pieces of markers. These things will be a perfect representation of the Pi numbers. 

16. Laugh at some of the best Pi Jokes

If you haven’t checked out our compilation of hilarious pi jokes on our website yet, now is the perfect time for you to do that! Share these jokes in your class and we guarantee you, you’ll have the best Pi Day celebration ever.


15. Pie Pops for the WIN

Give away some sweet chocolate pie pops to your students on Pi Day! You can never go wrong with pie pops. 

17. Share The Story of Pi in Your Life

You can either group the students into two or individually ask them to share a short speech on how Pi influenced them or how they use Pi in their daily lives. A soccer ball they use when they play at the school grounds can be a perfect example of this activity!

18. Create a Pi Film


Your students can create an infomercial, music videos or a short film that is all about Pi. Isn’t it an awesome way to develop their confidence and acting skills! Oh, they can also watch the movie The Life of Pi on Pi Day. 

19. Piper Plates Decor Contest

Stimulate your student’s creativity once again by distributing paper plates and assigning a digit for each one of them.  Ask them to draw the number given to them on the plate and decorate it with all their hearts. Anyone who makes the most beautiful plate wins! You can also take a picture of everyone holding their decorated plates.

20. Remembering AI

The great Alber Einstein’s birthday is on March 14. Commemorate him by asking students to make an art display about his achievements, discoveries, and famous quotations!

21. The Importance of Pi: Newsflash

Let the students create a short segment for the school newscast on Pi day. Each section or group can report about the importance of Pi in Math and in our delay lives. They can also publish an article about Pi in the school newspaper!


22. Simon Says Pi

Have you played the Simon game before? If you have, then you already know the rules. Call out a student and say the number/s. Then, make him/her parrot back the number/s after. You will then add a digit if they’re successful until they make a mistake. The Pi master is whoever had the longest digit to say back.

23. Hula Hoop Contest

After you and the class eat some delicious blueberry pies, it’s time to do a hula hoop contest! More pies will be consumed by the hula hoop dancer to dance the longest.

24. Setting Up the Pi Day Groove

Want to set the Pi day groove on? Dancing to the classic pi-themed songs such as American Pie, Honey Bunch, and Sugar Pie is the perfect way to do this! Play them in between classes to complete the Pi Day celebration!


25. Cheer for Pi Contest

Challenge each grade to create a cheer that includes 3.141 on it and whichever grade can shout and cheer the loudest wins!

26. Form a Pi Symbol

Students can line up and stand outside in a field or oval to form the numbers or the symbol of Pi. The school newspaper might even feature the formation and take an overhead picture of it to use as the paper’s front page!

27. Crown the King and Queen of Pi

Dress your students with crowns and scepters! Then, let the majority decide which person deserves to be the King and Queen. It’s actually kinda like prom but with a Pi twist!


28. Pi Relay Race

This game involves students running from one station to another in a relay race. They must answer a Pi question or trivia at each stop in order to move forward.

Did you like all the ideas we shared with you? Whether you’re a mathlete, engineer, scientist, a STEM teacher, or just an ordinary student, these 28 ideas to celebrate Pi Day that we compiled will be a lot of fun for you! Have an awesome Pi Day, genius!